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How to Find a Good Interior Designer



Looking for an interior designer who can make your plans come to life is just like searching for a partner - it won't work without chemistry and you have to like the same things. It's beyond catching your designer's drift. The process is rather personal and it's a must that you work with someone whom you ca actually get along with. Besides, you will be spending a great amount of time together, and it would be such a hassle to fire the fella in the middle of the job.


The following are five pointers that can help make your project successful as you work with your interior designer:


  1. Be honest and direct.


From the beginning, tell your designer what exact Surrey Home Staging Services you'll be needing. Do you want them to take care of everything or just certain parts of the project? It all depends on you, but if you express your expectations early on, you will be able to avoid conflicts and other unnecessary surprises.


  1. Come up with a budget.


Many people don't want to reveal their budget until they receive the estimate. But knowing the budget before making the quote is actually easier for the designer as he would then have a more realistic basis when estimating costs.


  1. Trust your designer.


In the first place, you decided to hire a designer at http://thestaginggoddess.com/services/ because you wanted a professional to handle your project. Then allow them to work their thing. Don't tell them what to do because they probably know better. That's why it's important to choose someone you can trust, but after you make that choice, you have to let the designer work independently. Definitely, a few suggestions or some feedback is okay, but don't take the wheel. That's the job of the designer, and you're even paying them to do it.


  1. Communicate when needed.


If you don't answer your designer's emails, text and other attempts to communicate, deadlines won't be met. You may be paying the designer to do the job, but the property is still yours, so you still have to make certain decisions.


  1. Until you're completely satisfied, hold the final payment.


As we mentioned, you hired a designer because they're the expert, and they probably can do a much better job than you ever can. Make them live up to that totally legit expectation. If you're not satisfied with the result, tell them politely and give them time to do those corrective tweaks. This is only right and fair to the two sides.


What's great about looking for interior designers is that there are more choices these days. The most important thing is to spend time looking for the right one for your job.